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Easy Entity Release


Easy Entity Release

I'm Kate

Creator of the Easy Entity Release

I am so glad you’re here, and super excited to share my deep understanding and experience in the realm of negative, offensive and dark energies. Now more than ever, humanity requires us individually and collectively to be courageous and acknowledge the presence of darker energies in our life. As energy healers and light warriors, it is our responsibility to understand how and why offensive energies disrupt our lives, and, include these types of clearings and releases in our energy healing sessions. 

If you have been guided to this page, please trust that you already know how to do this work; and have the innate ability to let more and more light in for yourself and others. There is nothing more illuminating than clearing and releasing offensive energies for yourself, your loved ones and clients. It is an immensely rewarding and gratifying job; and perfectly complements the energy healing modalities you are already using. If you feel called to do this work for yourself and others, I am overjoyed to share all that I know with each and every one of you. 

So, let’s begin….

Easy Entity Release
Easy Entity Release

The top misconceptions energy healers make around offensive energies:

“If a dark entity or spirit is attached to you; trust me, you’ll want to know and release it!”

Christie Catherine - Easy Entity Release, Emotion and Body Code User

Back in 2014 when I first discovered the Body Code, I committed to have weekly sessions for a year with a highly respected and seasoned practitioner. But, interestingly enough disembodied spirits or evil spirits did not come up once during any of those 52 sessions; even though there were plenty attached to me and around me.

What I learned from this was:

What to do about this:

There is an order of operations to follow when beginning an energy healing session. You see, the energetic weight of a trapped emotion or any negative energy that we ourselves create is less dense and damaging to us than an entity or spirit that exists externally from us. Therefore, the offensive energy needs to be cleared and released first.


Dark entities and spirits have the ability to mimic and ramp up our existing negative emotions too, which puts unnecessary stress and strain on our physical and energy bodies. By clearing the offensive energy first, we are able to see what negative energies are “ours” and what has been generated for us, that keeps us stuck in fear, and our ailing health stagnant.



It is impossible to take a client where you have not been in your own healing journey. If you’ve not had a thorough entity clearing; and have dark and negative offensive energies around or attached to you, these energies are not likely to come up for your clients when you work with them, because you have not done the work on yourself. Ultimately, this is a disservice to yourself and others who need assistance in this area, like many of us do.

Common Symptoms of Entity and Spirit Attachment for Empaths and Light Workers

Disclaimer: Having one or more of these symptoms does not indicate that entity attachment was the cause or is the cure.

“Just because you can’t see it, hear it or sense it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

Jessica Evans - Easy Entity Release User, Certified Body Code Practitioner and Animal Psychic

Offensive energies are attracted to empaths, intuitives, and anyone who is starting out on their spiritual and healing journey; or has unresolved past trauma from any lifetime.

Checking your Light Score

Your Light Score is a number between 0 and 100 that indicates the ratio of light and dark entity energy in your field. 

A light score of zero indicates the highest level of offensive energies, whereby a score of 100 represents the highest level of light.


To begin, muscle test and ask, “Is my Light Score 100?”

If you haven’t done any real entity clearing work, ask this question 3 times to make sure you’re getting a “true” response, and take the 3rd answer given.


Other muscle testing questions you may find helpful to ask include:

“Is it safe to know what my light score is?”

If the answer is NO, you can easily clear those feelings of being unsafe by saying, “I cleanse clear and release all feelings of being unsafe.” You can use your intention to clear; or use a magnet over your governing meridian.

Now ask, “Did this clear?” If the answer is YES, retest using the original question, “Is my Light Score 100?”

If you muscle test and get NO, that feeling unsafe was not cleared you could ask,

“Is something external to me blocking my muscle testing?”


“Is something external to me skewing my muscle test results?”

A beautiful side effect of being entity-free is that your muscle testing gets stronger and more accurate when nothing is interfering or blocking you; and your intuitive senses naturally become heightened, as your vibrational frequency and state of consciousness increases.

The Easy Entity Release app is easily used in conjunction with the Emotion Code chart and Body Code app.  Simply connect with a higher power; that could be Source Consciousness our Creator, God Consciousness or the zero-point field and muscle test and ask which modality is best used for the client’s highest truth and good in that moment.  

Prayer of Protection

Prayer of Protection

I wrote this prayer to empower anyone who wishes to clear offensive energies.  I know it can feel overwhelming and easy to get caught up in fearful thoughts when you begin this journey into the light.


We are here at this time to transcend the duality of light and dark and good and evil and to witness Heaven on Earth. When we all hold a high vibrational frequency and let the sacred heart guide us; these lower vibrational dark energies cannot survive on this planet. 

With infinite Love and Gratitude,

Easy Entity Release


Learn to Clear Offensive Energies

Download your bonus copy of Clearing Offensive Energies PDF, including 18 different types of negative and toxic energies that have been potentially transferred onto you.

Easy Entity Release