We Call The Dark Into The Light To Be Healed

Participation in the Easy Entity Release program shines a light on our shadow side and the negative part of ourselves that we keep hidden from the world. Dark Entity Consciousness is an aspect of our shadow; it is the anger, shame, unworthiness, and lack of love we feel that is crying out to be transformed and illuminated. The battle between good and evil, and light and dark is going on in our very own minds. We do not need to look outside of ourselves to see this – it all begins and ends with us.

Release Dark Entities
An outcome of using the Easy Entity Release material is its ability to keep the Dark within in equal measure to the Light within, and not let it override or overrun you.

The Easy Entity Release App and Manual include how to check your Light Score as a gauge to measure your internal dark light, why and how we attract dark energy, ways to protect yourself and how to raise your level of consciousness. The Easy Entity Release is not just a way to clear Dark Entities, but an education in the dark side of Lightwork.

Say Goodbye to Dark Energy

Easy Entity Release Program Includes:

Intuitive Mobile Application

Comprehensive PDF Manual

Customer Support

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The light and the dark are both our teachers because the darkness teaches us where we need to amplify and expand our light.

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About The Creator

Kate is a certified Energy Medicine practitioner, Psychic Clairvoyant & transformational energy healer. Her energy healing journey began in 2014 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and took a holistic approach to healing. She became a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code and The Body Code energy healing modalities, and a year later, the cancer was in remission. Kate began to develop her metaphysical and intuitive abilities and was guided to look into entity attachment as a contributing factor for her emotional frailty. So began the process of clearing and releasing dark, negative, and offensive energies from herself and her energy healing clients. It was during this time that the Easy Entity Release was born. Kate is a transformation catalyst and is passionate about assisting others to realize their full potential and purpose. A one-on-one session will empower you to connect with your higher self, raise your vibrational frequency, and increase your level of consciousness. Kate is excited to share this revolutionary energy healing modality with you.

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