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Apprenticeship Programs Now Available

For those seeking additional support and next level Mastery, I am honored to invite you to my Apprenticeship Program. We have entered a new ascended blueprint of a New World, and this New World is birthed through you!  I am being guided to provide tailored support, counsel, and the tools for this up-leveling to be birthed; and I’m calling-in resonate matched souls who would like guidance inscribing out a new way of Being.

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Now Available 7 Days of Healing

The 7 Days of healing is a multi-dimensional clearing and up leveling of your consciousness from the past, present and future. During these 7 days your level of consciousness is guaranteed to increase as you activate higher realms of consciousness within the collective quantum field. Other benefits include awakening cellular memory and enhancing your intuition and spiritual gifts, so you become an energetic force of change and manifestation in the world.


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What Kate's Clients are Saying...

Over the past few weeks, Kate has helped me and my husband clear ourselves of dark energies. As an intuitive healer myself, it’s not always easy to navigate this work alone and it’s been a comfort to have Kate not only clear and release these parasitic energies, but she has also encouraged and guided me when I began working with the Easy Entity Release app. I have worked with many other energy healers and feel that Kate is one of the very few that gets to the root cause of the issue and fully clears everything! 
Kate is skillful and passionate about energy healing and I highly recommend  you work with her.

Audrey Marie Kwarciany

New York

Kate has allowed me to change the trajectory of my life with her work. I always knew I had dark energy around me and had it released before, but it always came right back. After working with Kate, I am so much stronger emotionally and spiritually. Thank you, Kate, for doing this deep, deep ceiling high healing with me – what you are doing is truly remarkable!

Hope Masters

North Dakota

When I was going through a nasty divorce, Kate was instrumental in helping me identify and release the rounds of sabotage energies and curses that my ex sent me. She was also able to clear the spirits that were attached to him and were negatively affecting me. Kate is a master at picking up on these hidden dark energies and shielding me from future attacks. Kate, you are a Godsend!

Harper Jackson