Apprenticeship Program

For those seeking additional support and next level Mastery, I am honored to invite you to my Apprenticeship Program. We have entered a new ascended blueprint of a New World, and this New World is birthed through you!  I am being guided to provide tailored support, counsel, and the tools for this up-leveling to be birthed; and I’m calling-in resonate matched souls who would like guidance inscribing out a new way of Being.

This opportunity is for you if you have…

A need for transformation and growth.

A desire to awaken and heal yourself.

The goal to transform others through your work.

1 Month Apprenticeship Intensive

Total Price: $1,000

Payment plan available through, at checkout.

25% down now, pay remaining balance over 5 weeks.

3 Month Mastery Apprenticeship

This program is dedicated to those who are called to serve Humanity and assist the collective in cultivating Oneness; to either begin a project or fine tune an existing creation. This could be creating an energy healing business or dialing in and finding your niche in the world. Or assist with the manifestation of a downloaded Source Global Project that is brought forward during our time together and launched at the end of our 3-month training.

Easy Entity Release certification is available through the 3-month program. Practitioner requirements will be dependent on your current skill level in working with the app and the subject matter. Please specify your interest in certification when you register below.

Total Price: $2,500

Payment plan available through, at checkout.

25% down now, pay remaining balance over 13 weeks.

Both apprenticeship opportunities are brought to you, through you and for you to awaken Self and all that will be guided to come to you. Some training will be connected to a tool or modality that you are already using or have created and need to upgrade or add onto; and whereas other sessions will have personal technologies that need to be delivered directly to you that our New World is calling you to deliver.  


To better serve you, Intensive and Mastery program spots will be limited to a total of 10 at a time. The program calendar is revolving with a waiting list once spots are booked. 24 hour advanced notice is required if you need to cancel or reschedule your Zoom call or you will be charged for that week's session.


A knowing that by mastering self-healing you assist the collective to all that we are truly capable of and purchase of the Easy Entity Release Program.

Reserve your Spot

If working side by side with me feels like your next step, please fill out the application below and I will be in touch to lay out your schedule for this journey together.