7 Days of Healing

Distance Group Auto Clearing and Realignment for Self-Mastery

Are you frustrated and dissatisfied with the quality of your life? Circling in the same emotional baggage and physical and mental pain and discomfort with no end in sight?

Join me for 7 consecutive days of body/mind healing and quantum realignment for only $98; where we transcend and breakthrough all past blocks and limitations by tapping into your infinite God given power to self-source your own energy, rather than accepting what shows up.

The 7 Days of healing is a multi-dimensional clearing and up leveling of your consciousness from the past, present and future.

During these 7 days your level of consciousness is guaranteed to increase as you activate higher realms of consciousness within the collective quantum field. Other benefits include awakening cellular memory and enhancing your intuition and spiritual gifts, so you become an energetic force of change and manifestation in the world.

How Does It Work?

Once payment has been confirmed you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to be included in a public 7 Days of Healing Facebook Community. From there, you'll be invited to a private breakout Facebook group which will have a conversational thread directly with Kate to be notified of healing updates. If you do not use Facebook, please contact us directly before payment.

Healing will be activated each day at 8am EST. The first healing will begin on Sunday and the 7th (the last activation) will be on the following Saturday. Once you’ve been invited to the 7 Days of Healing Private Facebook group please introduce yourself and say “hi” and state your personal intention for the week of healing.

The Power of Your Intention

Your Group...

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this type of healing possible?

It’s possible when we align with and operate on the crystalline plasma grid of universal consciousness (the quantum field) where instantaneous manifestation occurs. This zero-point field is where I work from and direct your intention for healing where it is cleansed, cleared, released and neutralized.

What are some common intentions people ask for?

• Relationship resolution

• Intuition upgrades

• Elimination of physical symptoms

• Mind-body stress and exhaustion

• Quantum jumping out of the 3D Matrix

• Release heart-walls

• Blocks to financial abundance

• Inner peace

• Clear birth trauma

• Mother, Father and relationship wounds

• Clear negative self-talk

• Process shame and guilt

• Muscle testing blocks

• Raise your light score

What kinds of energies are cleared?

• Emotional trauma energies such as procrastination; self-sabotage, depression, fear and heartbreak. These can be from a recent event, years old, or lifetimes. 
• Pain or tension patterns from injuries, accidents or of unknown origin.
• Toxins stuck in tissues and organs, as well as bacterial or viral issues.

• Karmic illness patterns, mental and emotional pain, grief, loss and suffering. 

• Cord cutting and repetitive and obsessive thinking patterns.

• Offensive energies from others and entity clearing.

• As well as, chakra realignment, aura repair, soul retrieval, installation of energetic light codes, upgrading astral DNA and folding in outdated timelines that no longer serve our highest good. 


Processing symptoms are likely to be minimal, if at all. Processing symptoms are usually the body/mind letting you know that more energies are coming up to be released. As we are working together every day for a week, your symptoms will more than likely be taken care of on consecutive days.


If you have any concerns during the 7 days, you may post within the Facebook private group.


The 7 Days of Healing, far outweigh the benefits and healing power of 1 private session with Kate.


I am in awe of how efficient Kate's auto clearings have been, and honored to have the opportunity to work with her. In a short amount of time Kate was able to clear issues that were taking me days; I was dusting the shelves while she was vacuuming under the rugs - I truly experienced miraculous and deep healing.
Hailey Dory
I am fortunate enough to have had several auto clearing healing sessions from Kate, and they’ve been a true gift in my life. These types of healings allow detrimental and negative energies to clear faster and in greater detail than I found possible in a manual clearing session or clearing for myself, and it's way more cost effective too! I have cleared many issues with Kate’s method, including persistent lower back pain which was eliminated as well as generational family healings. Kate can truly do it all! I highly recommend her work; she is such a blessing in my life.
Janet Oliver
Kate's auto clearing programs have an instant calming effect. They soothed my nervous system and helped me to clear some tougher and more tedious blockages I had. They are particularly beneficial for ongoing, long-standing issues that may need applied energetic and therapeutic time to heal. My huge issues dissolved quickly with the help of these programs and I highly recommend them.
Tracey Palmer

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