Easy Entity Release

The Dark Entity and Spirit Attachment Program

What is The Easy Entity Release?

The Easy Entity Release manual and accompanying app is a comprehensive energy healing system that guides you to clear and release Dark Entities, Dark Entity Consciousness and Spirit Attachments from your energy field, physical body and subconscious mind.

Did you know that...

About 90% of people are living with interference from Dark Entities or Spirit Attachments.

The Easy Entity Release Does this by:

Detailed Charts

Included in the Easy Entity Release are nine detailed charts to track how Dark Entities, Dark Entity Consciousness, and Spirit attachments are negatively affecting you.

Intuitive Functionality

The Easy Entity Release is built with function in mind. Even a novice can dive in and get to work!

Easy Navigation

An extensive menu allows users to jump between charts and release statements quickly and effortlessly.

Comprehensive Manual

Included with the Android or Apple application is a one of a kind instruction manual with how-to videos, theoretical background content, and practical ways to eliminate fear and protect yourself in the future.

Customers reviews

Program Reviews

Easy Entity Release has quickly become the first line of defense when working with new clients. Raising their Light Score allows me to clear other emotional energies with ease, and without duplication. Prior, I’d find that clients (and myself) would need the same energies released daily or every few days to stay aligned; but by releasing dark energies, the emotions stop generating. This allows my clients to heal more fully, and to get the most out of their Energy Healing sessions. Outside of client sessions, I use the Easy Entity Release daily on myself to release any dark energy interference that would interrupt my day. 

Jessica, Florida

I have been using the Easy Entity Release program with amazing results. It takes far less time to clear negative energies than any other healing energy tool. The Easy Entity Release program is the most valuable investment you can make. This is a paradigm-shifting new modality with profound and life-transforming results. Using the program, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge to serve myself, and my clients better. The application is easy to navigate, loads quickly, nicely organized, and is clear and concise. Kate has generously shared with us her expertise and this amazing approach to healing which is so inspirational. Thank you, Kate!

Patricia, California

We Are Here on earth to Illuminate the Darkness

The Easy Entity Release program is an invitation to move out of our linear and dualistic 3-Dimensional way of thinking and behaving, to ascend into a 5th-Dimensional Unity Consciousness existence.

Learn to Clear Offensive Energies

Download your bonus copy of Clearing Offensive Energies PDF, including 18 different types of negative and toxic energies that have been potentially transferred onto you.